Berani Mimpi
Times wouldn’t turn back…

Times wouldn’t turn back…

Lie for good is being the main reason to hide the truth, it’s just made our sin more and more, once we lie and we will keep in circle of lie… Sometime truth seems painfull but in that forgiveness instead
Where there is a will, it’s will be always there is a hope, keep trying and praying
She always be a great spirit to me
Don’t promise me anything, just tell me that you felt the same and we will work it out together for our happines
Love don’t care who you are, what you got but love will takes you perfectly
Kau bunga tidurku
Kau adalah keindahan
Yang singgah dalam kesunyian malamku
Terangkan diriku
Taburi dengan katamu
Walau hanya sedikit yang aku rasa
Diva - Gigi
Tidak harus sempurna untuk menjadi orang baik, cukup berusaha berbuat baik untuk kesempurnaan hidup
Talk is the best way to solve the problem
Love is not searching for a compability, but love will makes differents live in harmony